Week 13

Eve Ensler’s Ted Talk

In her talk, Eve Ensler, the writer/creator of the Vagina Monologues, talks about, empowering young women to overcome societies obstacles

providing knowledge gives power

To me, educating women is an extremely important discussion to have in this day and age. Providing education to young women is vital for a country to prosper economically. Once women are educated and skilled, they can contribute in the workforce and the economy. The small change could lead to progress for women in social areas as well, and they can be respected as skilled workers and not put down.

Malawi and other African Countries

Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Let Girl’s Lead is a foundation in founded by Denise Dunning. They focus on leadership and advocating for social change.

“Let Girls Lead invests in leaders and organizations working to improve girls’ lives, enabling them to take their innovative strategies to scale. The UN Foundation’s evaluation of our work demonstrated we have improved the health, education, livelihoods, and rights of 3 million girls.”

LGL’s impacts include:

  • Reducing child marriage in Malawi by empowering girls to advocate with village chiefs, and a national campaign increasing the legal age of marriage.
  • Lowering teen pregnancy and youth HIV infection rates in Honduras by improving young people’s access to education and health services.
  • Guaranteeing protection of girls’ health, education, and welfare in Liberia through passage and implementation of the national Children’s Law.
  • Building a global network of over 100 leaders and organizations to advocate “girl-friendly” laws, policies, and funding.

Let Girls Lead uses education as a way to address and combat issues that are prevalent in African countries such as rape, violence, sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and the mistreatment of women. Again, I agree with “knowledge gives power”-because having the knowledge about these issues can be the first and biggest step in prevention from it happening. Giving women the opportunity and the power to know about what is going on around them is the best way to go about these issues holistically.


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